Modesty: What is that?!

Modesty.  What is the first image that comes to mind when someone mentions modesty?  Do you have pictures of Amish women and nuns running through your head?  If so, I would like to show you a different definition of modesty, and why it is so very important for young girls and this generation.

Modesty isn’t solely about “how much skin do I have to cover”, it’s an outside and inside type of lifestyle.  The question shouldn’t be, “how much skin can I show without getting into trouble?”, it should be, “by wearing this, what am I trying to achieve or convey?” or “while I may be completely comfortable wearing this, will it lead other minds to wander and sin?”  While it is not a female’s sole responsibility to make sure men do not have impure thoughts, we certainly have the duty to make sure we do not lead others to sin by our wardrobe choices.

If you are wearing an item of clothing, such as a bikini, to get attention, I would consider that a bad intention.  Now, what girl doesn’t want attention?  Yet, by flaunting your body, you won’t be happy with the kind of attention you receive.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard a girl complaining about how the boys treat her, how they don’t respect her, and are “just so rude!”  What most of these girls don’t understand is that by the way they dress they are lowering the standards for “those boys”.  Believe it or not, many of the good guys that girls really want to attract are more impressed by your attempt at modesty rather than bearing as much skin that is allowed in a public place.  If people are so distracted with the amount of skin you are showing, how hard will it be for them to learn to love you as a person?

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not saying that we as girls need to start wearing floor-length dresses and turtle-necks during the summer.  Just be sure your cute fashion sense isn’t making others uncomfortable.  Instead, you should be leading others to Christ, not only by word, but through example.  Modesty is not limited to clothing.  Modesty applies to you as a whole person.  Whether it is the way you carry yourself, the way you speak, or the way you interact with others.  Remember:  You are not only representing yourself to the world: you are representing Christ.

Now for a side fashion note: some clothes are soooooo comfy, but they just aren’t modest.  I have plenty of shorts that are super-comfy to wear around the house or out in the yard, but wouldn’t be the best to go out with a group of guys in.  Why?  Because I don’t want to be intentionally or unintentionally leading others to sin, and I also don’t want to ever be treated as an object…I want to always be viewed as a person.

Dresses.  Ugh.  There are so many cute dresses on the rack!!!  But the majority of them are ridiculously short (or for the summer, I’ve noticed a trend of having see-through dresses…?!?!).  Now while it might look perfect while standing still, don’t even try to bend down and pick anything off of the floor!  Usually the solution to the short dresses is to throw a pair of leggings or long shorts on underneath.  Not only does this let you be more comfortable just moving throughout the day, but I am sure many guys would thank you for looking out for their purity as well.